My favourite online web design and development resources

My favourite online web design and development resources

I’ve been stumbling around the internet for years now and like all of you reading this post, I have a list of my go-to websites for web design, development and inspiration. They’re not all for solving problems either, some are only for generating ideas or reading up on clever shit so front end developers like me can talk to the backend guys without embarrassing themselves!

I have a love/hate relationship with

I normally end up here when I’ve got an incredibly specific problem and I’ve exhausted all my options. The wealth of information on this site is incredible. It’s overwhelming in many cases. My primary use for stackoverflow is to ask questions. This is by far the quickest way to solve a problem that’s specific to you and your project. Occasionally someone else will have the same or a very similar issue but often, by the time you have pieced code together from answers on 20 different questions, you should probably have just asked your own from the start.

Visit for specific web development problems which need concise, specific answers.

I’ve been reading CSS tricks for years. It’s brilliant for a general read up on modern web techniques and tools. However, the thing I like the most is that it almost always includes demos of the techniques that they’re discussing. Usually via the brilliant

Looking through the nuts and bolts of a codepen demo really helps me retain the information I’ve just read. It also means I can copy and paste bits and pieces if I’m feeling lazy!

Visit css-tricks for awesome demos and up to date information.

Speak of the devil! My primary use for Codepen is to see what’s possible. The featured pens on the homepage always feature some of the most crazy and creative things that modern web development has to offer.

Visit Codepen for some inspiration if you’re in a rut and want to try something new. And make sure you look under the hood and see how those inspirational demos work!

Much like Codepen, Codrops is one of the most inspirational places for me online. It’s an endless source of high quality web design and development resources and the tutorials it provides are cutting edge and incredibly well written. It really is a great place to learn new techniques and see what the modern web has to offer.

Good old YouTube is a fantastic place to learn. Providing you don’t get caught up in a cat video marathon YouTube is a great place to find tutorials on learning larger, more complex languages and techniques. Basically, concepts which are difficult to cover in a single blog post or with the written word alone.

For example, I’ve recently been struggling to get my head around React.js but after finding this YouTube series, I’m really starting to grasp the concepts and progress with it.

I could include hundreds of sites in this post but rather than bore you with an endless list, why not leave a comment about some of your favourite online resources for web design and development? I’d love to hear from you and add some more sites to my bookmarks!

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