Quick Fix: node-gyp problems on OS X High Sierra (10.13)

Quick Fix: node-gyp problems on OS X High Sierra (10.13)

If you’re getting iconv errors from yarn / npm when installing projects on OS X High Sierra (10.13), you might have hit the same issue as us.

As best we can figure, node-gyp just loses track of the xcode tools it requires post-upgrade. Luckily the fix is trivial if you know what the issue is.

You may need to run sudo npm ... instead of the above two npm commands, depending on your setup, but try it without first to save snarling up your permissions if they’re correct when you start.

The uninstall and install commands are pretty self-explanatory and the middle rm command simply removes the existing user-config for node-gyp. This forces a rebuild of it following the version upgrade.

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