Font Awesome 5 is nearly here and it looks, well, awesome

Font Awesome 5 is nearly here and it looks, well, awesome

Before we discuss Font Awesome 5, let’s look at Font Awesome 4.

Font Awesome 4 gave us scalable vector icons which are incredibly easy to customise.  They can be customised using CSS, therefore it has massive scalability and is often a positive addition to any website.

Font Awesome 4 has a community of over 20 million people and has been used on over 70 million websites.

And it’s about to get even better.

Font Awesome 5 is coming soon so make sure you watch their amazing promo video.


It’s the most funded software Kickstarter ever and it’s easy to see why. Here’s some things it’s bringing to the table:

  • New 16px base size (same as Bootstrap 4 base font size)
  • Every icon on new grid system for consistency throughout the set
  • Better readability at smallest size
  • More consistent visual design
  • No font descender for easier vertical positioning

Brand New CSS

  • Easier stacking – Flexbox to the rescue!
  • More & re-designed animations
  • All CSS from scratch!

Check out the Font Awesome 5 project over at BackerKit

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