11 basic terminal commands for beginners

11 basic terminal commands for beginners

Using the terminal in your web development workflow can seem alien to the uninitiated.

The difficulty to learn how to use the terminal effectively is often made worse through the availability of applications which can do the heavy lifting and run terminal commands for you.

Using these applications in your web development workflow is absolutely fine. However, although they’re relatively intuitive they can often be slow and others inefficient.

So, if you’ve always wanted to get to grips with terminal commands but never took the plunge, we suggest you load your terminal up and play about with these 11 basic commands.

Note: the commands below are not necessarily web development specific and for all of the commands below, simply type them and hit enter to execute.

1. Make a folder (directory)

2. Change directory

3. Create a file

4. Edit a file

5. Delete a file

6. Delete an empty directory

7. Copy and move a file

This command will move the your_filename.txt file from your Desktop to your Documents.

10. List the contents of a directory (make sure you are within the directory)

11. Display current directory path

This command is shorthand for ‘print working directory’.

Hopefully the commands above are not to scary. Have a play with them and maybe head over to codecademy to learn even more!

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